Our Purpose

Like many rural areas in the developing world, problems with Northeastern Thailand are many and varied.

The issue our group seeks to resolve is the lack of viable computer technology and the need for English based education for upward mobility in the most rural of villages.

Kranuan District, within the province of Khan Kaen, has many of these villages. The majority of the people rely on subsistence farming, day labor or running small restaurants or corner stores. However, the day labor jobs are drying up and the family farms are starting to disappear. Large companies are moving into the area to buy up land being sold cheaply by families who can no longer survive on their land alone. These two problems compound one another and are forcing the working-age members of the village to pack up and leave for Bangkok. With little more than a grade school education, no computer skills, and no English-speaking skills, job opportunities are limited. Many who leave the village looking for work are able only to procure manual labor, entry level employment, or dangerous and sexually exploitative jobs.

Kranuan District

within the province of Khon Kaen

16.792699, 103.169002

There are varying degrees of poverty in the district's villages, some people live in homes with no running water or electricity; some of them live in huts with no walls and only a blanket or two to keep them warm at night. Most of the houses are made out of cinderblocks and sheet metal. However, even in this poverty there is a general happiness among the people and a feeling of hope. Those children and families who are still in the village desire to make a better life for themselves while still staying in their homes. They recognize that education is the best way for them to become upwardly mobile, especially in the areas of English language skills and technological proficiency.

This is where Networking Rural Thailand comes in.

By collaborating with existing leadership in area villages, we seek to empower community members in the areas of education and technology in Primary Schools. Instead of simply providing monetary donations, we work with staff and leaders to determine strengths, areas of needed improvement and potential solutions. Focusing on homegrown solutions, our organization provides assistance in the form of technology and English education to help primary schools and communities meet their goals. The first project, providing a technology center in Ban Nonsomboon, enabled primary school staff to teach their students computer skills. These skills are valuable for upward mobility in an exceedingly tech oriented culture.

Networking Rural Thailand's current focus is a partnership with Namoon Primary School, providing English Camps and instruction. Through these partnerships with Primary Schools, Networking Rural Thailand seeks to provide the best opportunities for the youngest community members, which in turn helps to create a better future for the entire community. There are exciting opportunities for you to join in our partnerships. Check out how to donate to existing and future projects and how to get involved yourself!

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Peter Caldwell

Lauren Wilkerson

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Dr. Chinnabut


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