Why Donate?

Like many rural areas in the developing world, problems with Northeastern Thailand are many and varied.

The issue our group seeks to resolve is the lack of viable computer technology and the need for English based education for upward mobility in the most rural of villages.

None of our board members are paid. None of our volunteers are paid. No travel expenses are paid. We pay our own way and use your donations to build the best computer labs we can.

How will my money be used?

  • $20 can buy a new keyboard and a mouse for one of the computers.
  • $40 will put a new English software suite on one of the computers.
  • $100 will buy a copy of Windows software for the computers.
  • $150 will put an LCD monitor in front of the children.
  • $300 will buy an entire new computer for the school.

Donate online

Upon successful completion of your online donation, you will receive a receipt that can be printed and used for tax purposes. All online donations are made securely through Paypal.

Donate by mail

Please make checks payable to Networking Rural Thailand and send to:

  1. Networking Rural Thailand
  2. 56 East 6th Street
  3. Suite 305
  4. Saint Paul, MN 55101

Be sure to include a return address so we can send you a receipt for your tax deductible donation. Thank you!


If you don't have the money, we understand. There's another way you can help us: by finding grants and writing grant applications for our organization. Obtaining grants is a great way for us to get the funding we need more quickly, and to help keep us visible (and accountable) to the public. If you're interested in writing grants for us, email us at: