We're glad you're interested in volunteering. NRT is a Minnesota-based nonprofit working to enhance 21st Century literacy skills in rural Thailand. We believe in order to accomplish this we need to focus on three foundational areas: physical infrastructure of where learning occurs, connecting students to the digital world, and supporting students and teachers with basic English skills that will provide social mobility. We are looking for volunteers who have experience or related experiences in teaching, construction, civil or electrical engineering, and computer engineering.

Whatever you have to offer, we're willing to consider you for a volunteer position in northeastern Thailand.

Are you a good fit?

NRT is a good fit for people who...

  • Are looking for an adventure
  • Retired
  • Graduated from college but not ready to jump into their career yet
  • Need a break or recharging from their career
  • Recent empty nester
  • Looking to expand experiences for a resume

What NRT provides

NRT is a good fit for people who...

  • Support from our volunteer coordinator throughout the entire process
  • Fundraising ideas from our Development Committee so you can buy your plane ticket
  • Individual meetings and training sessions to prepare you for the trip
  • Online journal for your use to share your experiences with family, friends, and NRT

While you are there

  • Accommodations: dormitory, home, or hotel stay
  • Most meals are provided by a host
  • Supervision by NRT advisory board member
  • Support from volunteer coordinator while there

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for Networking Rural Thailand! Please fill out every field in the application before hitting submit.

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Which trip are you available for volunteer assignment?


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